Partnership Announced

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Good News!
MC2 received confirmation of support on Monday (5-13-13) from Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Lake City regarding a partnership with us this coming Fall 2013. The Lake City After School Language Lab for middle school-ers took a step closer as we are attempting to build a budget with the support of the North Seattle community. Other potential partners we hope to get a reply from soon are the North Seattle Rotary, past board of the Lake City Community Center and the Advisory Council of Meadowbrook Community Center.

This past week Sustainable NE Seattle (a local community sustainability organization) held their 5th anniversary annual meeting.  They are in the process of formalizing their nonprofit status as well as celebrate the many successes over the years.  Some of their projects were directly supported by us and our community nonprofit ‘Meadowbrook Community CARE’.  Several notable projects like the Tool Library (located across from Dahl Play-field), the Community Kitchen (one piece of this effort is the Community Shelter Meals offered here), Planet HOME, the Hunter Gathering Place remodel and of course, the Meadowbrook Annual Garden and Orchard (a collaborative effort we are directly supporting) highlight the successful efforts of many.

Tonight is the last Community Shelter Meal with the shelter here at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church before summer break; we partner with Sustainable NE Seattle in this outreach.  There will be another meal event for the residents in June but it will be hosted by Central Lutheran Church from Yakima, WA.  As they will be our guests as part of our own locally hosted program Urban Cross Trek (UCT), the youth will also spend time volunteering at the Meadowbrook Annual Garden and Orchard.