MORE Good News!

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Last week we reported Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Lake City support for our ESL After School Lab at the Lake City Community Center (LCCC). They are located across the street from LCCC and are re-committed to engaging the community since their merger. This week we received confirmation from the recently retired Lake City Community Center Board of their financial support for our Fall release of this exciting program to support Jane Addams School. We’re getting there…!

Dropped off a Maple Leaf food donation to the Lake City Food Bank this week.  Remember you can leave your food donation here at the entry way of the church and it will be delivered for you.  In my visit to the Food Bank  they confirmed a successful ‘Empty Bowls’ fundraiser this past Sunday.  Our own community shelter meal event, in partnership with the community, was a delicious success.  They have extended by one month (Sunday June 23) their planning meals with the SHARE shelter here.