3 Days of Total Kindness

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Care for and about challenged nonprofit websites usually result in a typical user clicking off to another site, choosing other technology or critiquing use of older technology. All valid responses, but imagine this; once a year, ‘atypical’ care for a good many  small NW nonprofits’ Web look and their mission’s message successfully designed over one  three day period. Directing volunteers, storing information or improving access, all are web functions not always affordable or budgeted by a nonprofit.

A community served to the highest potential benefits everyone . Now imagine the annual good work of Seattle Give Camp; the variety of many purposeful nonprofits (local Hunger Intervention Program and North Helpline also participating), delivering their  updated message and providing positive results.  Its a great example of caring by many tech pros directing timely results for those serving those most in need. Thank you super volunteers! .

Tech volunteers
Volunteer Tech Pros/Kindness Experts (shown here), encouraged by 3 day support for nonprofits with food, beverages and lots of electric outlets and white boards, accomplishing a great amount of work for our communities.