Polar Bears and Playgrounds

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20151203_112007-1This coming January 1,  the annual Polar Bear Plunge takes place at Matthews Beach. This city-wide event has its humble origins in Meadowbrook with its first plunge of 300 people in 2003 organized by the staff at Meadowbrook.

As community assets go, Arizona-transplant Janet Wilson, is a gift to Seattle Parks/Meadowbrook. The Meadowbrook Pool coordinator, hired in 1981, is a lifelong educator who embraces the culture of  ‘welcome’ and helped facilitate  the first plunge so many years ago.

The practice of listening and advocating for community efforts to the Seattle Parks system goes back to 2001. Helping to facilitate a four year campaign, Ms. Wilson supported the funding,  design and build of the playground next to Nathan Hale H.S.; the combined effort honored the passing of a local young girl named Annie.

The idea of coming together (2000 participants last year to the plunge) to celebrate the seasons has been a great success.  Supporting a project to celebrate  one life is a legacy of community care. Thank you Janet; the plunge fun continues and the ‘welcome’ to all is a valued tradition of community-building here in Northeast Seattle. Brrrrrrrr…….the water will be COLD!


Visit https://m.facebook.com/polarbearplungeseattle to learn more.


Meadowbrook Pool Coordinator Janet Wilson instructing student at Pool
Meadowbrook Pool Coordinator Janet Wilson instructing student at Pool