Bake Sale Delivers

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Meadowbrook Community Center is a busy place on the winter weekends. With youth basketball in full swing, it gives the MCGO community garden group a chance to meet the community, share the story and raise a few bucks, while their at it. This year’s bake sale will give MCGO funds to adequately cover tools from the rain.

What’s unique about this bake sale? Lots, actually. There’s always a ‘savory’ soup or three and the large group ¬†actually participates in two other community ‘food’ events monthly. So, lots of experienced folks know their way around garden, kitchen and oven.

End result, delicious and informative.

Supporting volunteers at Meadowbrook can take many forms. Meadowbrook’s Park facility offers quality, affordable indoor opportunities. It also has the outdoor activities to match. All of these wonderful opportunities create a strong community.

busy interest around the yummy offerings
getting the selection of soups and pastries ready for the sale at Meadowbrook Community Center
MCGO community gardeners spend down time gathering ideas for Spring
Board outside invites passersby to taste and support 911:busy interest around the yummy offerings