‘Wood to Brook’ Greenway Introduced

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Handing out flyers and engaging homeowners along 32nd NE in the communities of Wedgwood and Meadowbrook has taken place in the last month or so. Informing those living along this pedestrian friendly stretch of road was to seek comment or questions about recent interest in improving travel and safety. Both communities are connected by 32nd NE as it meets NE 95th.

This past Spring 2016, meetings were held with representatives from both community councils in Wedgwood and Meadowbrook. What was endorsed is the concept of safe travel between the neighboring communities, centered around the ‘walking and biking’ friendly 32nd NE. What it looks like is a focused safe route for those traveling north and south.  Going to school, dining out, walking the dog, enjoying Meadowbrook Park, shopping, visiting friends, biking, swimming, using Seattle Parks services (at MBCC) are all activities that happen on this stretch of Wedgwood and Meadowbrook

Beginning in Wedgwood at 85th NE and its busy business district and ending in the recreational Seattle Parks area of NE 105th in Meadowbrook, the proposal has been presented to all who live on 32nd NE in these two communities. An existing and funded greenway already connects and ends at NE 89th and 32nd NE. Canvassing those along 32nd NE was an important piece to the effort. Essentially, these communities have this built-in existing safe route in their neighborhoods and building awareness around it strengthens usage and future advocacy.

Crossing NE 95th is still to be considered as a challenge but news of a new sidewalk in 2017 for the south side of NE 95th (east and west) between 32nd NE and 35th NE does bode well for safe travel between the two communities. Since there are no sidewalks on 32nd NE between the two communities and light car use, 32nd NE is an optimal neighbor friendly route to be appreciated, acknowledged and supported.

What the idea of a pedestrian and bike friendly greenway on 32nd NE can look like is yet to come. If you have questions or comments about this community resource, contact Dan Keefe Meadowbrook) at papadan44@gmail.com orTony Frego (Wedgwood) at tony.frego@gmail.com

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