Lake City Teen Mural POPS!

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Bringing a voice to the community can be a challenge.  Lake City embraces many cultures and has many opportunities to listen.  Food Bank, Library, Chamber’s Community Center and of course, Kaffeeklatsche Bakery and Coffee Shop come to mind.

A unique and beautiful mural now gives voice to teens from Lake City community. The project has a message box painted next to the mural.  Thanks to Elliott Bay Brewery, LCFF, Seattle Parks and Recreation as text is displayed. But the artwork and inspiration come from our youth.

Take a peek here or stroll through the business district and check it out. Staff at the Seattle Parks (Mark Mendez) are committed to supporting engagement and giving voice to our future. LOOK and see the ‘206’, what a fun project to be a part of.  Another mural project years ago happened at Lake City Community Center.  Murals show life in color and celebrates the diversity that is the Lake City District. Great work by all, thank you!

LOOK, Breaking news….mural and its LOOK and colors have given birth to an addition to the present work.  Opposite side (Toyoda Sushi) has been extended an invitation to teens to offer their skills and time to create even more color and celebration of all things community.

Pink hearts and pride in the community
Pink hearts and pride in the community
 Who we are...!!!
Who we are…!!!
 Many colors on display
Many colors on display
Spillage or.....?
Spillage or…..?
 'We are...' hand in hand
‘We are…’ hand in hand