Teacher Wayne remembered….

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Early in MC2 history (2005) we operated several ESL (English as a Second Language) classes during the weekdays. Each class was a two day a week commitment for instructors.  As a community exercise, it was invigorating to connect with new citizens or visitors to our part of the city of Seattle. The opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world was real fun.

What made the experience even more rewarding was having volunteers who ‘got it’ too.  For ten years we had the good pleasure and rewarding experience of a committed volunteer named Wayne Fulkerson (pictured with students in 2014). As a retiree, he had the opportunity to travel the world and knew what it meant to welcome those coming into a new culture.

This past October our good friend and partner in the community passed away.  As a Meadowbrook resident, he appreciated a healthy, strong and vibrant community.  Knowing the first step of building quality relationships, he opened up his calendar and heart to good people who wanted to fit in and be productive community members.

As we look to the future and embrace the immigrants coming to our shores, we learn from our good friend Wayne. A smile and a welcome time is a good first step to remember. mr_wayne