Sunny days remembered

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Winter time is spent celebrating holidays, rainy days, falling leaves and hot drinks. It also includes some daydreaming time, looking forward to longer and warmer days to come.  Here is a sunny day picture of the hardworking team at the Lake City Farmers Market (Thursdays, June-Sept) this past 2016 season to remind you of what to come.

The highlight here is also good news that some may not know.  Not only does one support small businesses, healthy foods and community when you visit; the merchants also give back to strengthening the Lake City district citizens in need.

As Molly B (Lake City Farmers Market Director) tells it; perishable items not sold on a given day at the Market are sent directly to the Lake City Food Bank.  Farmers Markets in general rely on return/repeat clientele.  If you have a Thursday to do important weekly shopping, put the Farmers Market on your schedule.  Vendors thrive when you plan to include this fun outing in your day. Our folks in need appreciate the many who work, plan and deliver on such an important community exercise. Thank you Molly and Lake City Farmers Market; hurry back!