Annual Nativity Exhibit in Lake City

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The yearly Nativity Exhibit at Lamb of God Lutheran Church is a sight to behold For anyone interested in the multi-cultural offering, it highlights how the world embraces the story of the birth of Jesus (baby Jesus, as Nascar fans may remember from Talladega Nights/Will Ferrell). There are two hardworking women who oversee the annual presentation and if are interested, the presentation is somewhat eye-opening.

Held in the community hall of Lake City’s Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Ellie and Lila work together to share the story told many times over throughout the world.  As the presentations are ‘LOOK’ but don’t touch, it was amusing as a German presentation offered the traditional candles that drive a spinning wheel. Without skipping a beat, I was informed to ‘blow hard’ to see it action but don’t touch.  As a writer its nice to get such real and direct response that involved a little humor in the day.  As a first time visitor, I would recommend this eventit highlights both the church’s and community efforts to come together. Great effort Ellie and Lila!

African Nativity representation
Australian depiction of Nativity scene
German Nativity scene with candle power
Ellie (left) and Lila (right) host and manage the yearly presentation
Yearly holiday exhibit held at Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Lake City
Entry to exhibit displays many Nativity gift card collection
Community Hall is full of the worlds Nativity offerings
LOOK blog favorite for color and material from South Africa