February Skills Fair in Meadowbrook

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Sustainable NE Seattle (http://sustainableneseattle. ning.com) held their annual February Hands On Skill Fair and the event traversed the whole Meadowbrook complex.The Saturday event also highlighted the Nathan Hale Urban Farm, located across from Nathan Hale High School and behind the Jane Addams School.  Including the Meadowbrook Community Garden and Orchard, the Hands On Skills Fair highlighted just how much the area embraces the Meadowbrook MOOvement.

Historically, the region, at one time, was part of the Fischer Farm Homestead. With cows a plenty and lots of moisture, the area is now ‘movement’ of its own.  With four schools located in and around the Meadowbrook Complex, the Hands On Skills Fair is a natural place for learning, for both young and old.  With a Seattle Tilth guest speaker at lunch time, and a warm bowl of soup, participants had much to choose and learn about.  Thank you SusNESea for the great work and vision. See ya’ next February!

Family time at the Skills Fair
MC2 Board members (3) help out with serving lunch
Sustainable NE Seattle Board Members busy and proud
Guest speaker from Seattle Tilth spoke after lunch