Trail Upgrade at MCGO

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Seattle Parks and Recreation and Goodwill Industries ‘Green Corp’ program will be at the Meadowbrook Orchard improving existing trails in 2017. Chukundi Salisbury, the Trails Guy at Seattle Parks will be overseeing the upgrades.

First built in 1994, the Meadowbrook trails were first installed by CISPUS (http://www. cispus/), as part of a first-ever volunteer-only effort to make the habitat restoration happen. The upgrade is funded by Meadowbrook Community Center’s Advisory Council; the amount approved was $10,000.  In 2004, Seattle Parks improved the trails on north side of the Meadowbrook Creek.  A small tributary, it empties into the Thornton Creek by Nathan Hale H.S, near 35th NE.

Improving the trails will allow students, walkers and volunteers to better access the Edible Hedge and the North Orchard Trail. The trails are also used to access the Community Center, the ball fields, Nathan Hale HS, Jane Addams M.S. and the retail area of Meadowbrook.  Connected to 32nd NE, it will also allow access to the highly traveled ‘Wood to Brook’ Greenway, which allows pedestrians and bicyclists to safely traverse the busy Wedgwood-Meadowbrook neighborhoods.

Thank you Seattle Parks and Recreation.

architect drawing of trail entrance
Volunteer Dan K seen here next to elderberry in Hedge
aerial view of trail id and location/mcgo (green)