Howdy Meadowbrook!

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Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) recently held their quarterly Board meeting. With the give BIG campaign right around the corner, it was decided to educate and engage our Meadowbrook community and let them know the many good efforts being made to keep our community strong and sustained.

With the Seattle Foundation’s give BIG campaign being held on May 10, the goal was to reach out to our neighbors and find areas of common interest.  Food security?  Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards is a group we work with and support. Each season many pounds of food go to the local food bank. Education? The Lake City After School Program operates an ELL (English Language Learners) program at Olympic Hills Elementary two days a week and support 12 students with one-on-one volunteer tutors. Family Support? Each holiday season we enroll families in need through local human service providers and procure holiday gifts to over 600 children every year. Shelter? We advocate and support the local Maple Leaf SHARE shelter, which operates 20 beds, 365 days a year.

We hope that many can give a little, so that our neighborhood remains BIG on supporting the hungry, the homeless, the less fortunate and those searching for a better life.  Engaging our neighbors in need gives MC2 an opportunity to ask. Can you join us in this daily effort to build a sustaining future for all of us in Meadowbrook? We are excited to be your neighbor and continue the goal of a strong community for all. Thank you Meadowbrook. Support the give BIG campaign May 10, go to and GIVE.

As the letter of greeting goes out to the community, a gift of a window cling accompanies info
President / MC2 Eli Patten and Secretary / MC2 Dr. Diana Koala present an introductory letter to residents of Meadowbrook
Many hands make light work, yea!