‘give’ a little, LOTTA ‘BIG’ happening…

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Wednesday, MAY 10.  Go online to givebigseattle.org That’s right.  All over Seattle, nonprofits are raising the ‘give BIG’ flag and asking citizens to remember all the good work 1600 nonprofits do in the Seattle region. Here now, MC2 raises its flag. The Seattle Foundation website is easy to access and the list is long. The Sunday paper also had a flyer dedicated to the many organizations making good things happen. But not all have the exposure to take advantage of the day of advocacy here in the Puget Sound.

MC2 is planning a mailer for the next couple of years to introduce the work many have committed to. Here is the work we do. Food security? Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards works year round to create learning and harvesting opportunities.  Shelter?  The Maple Leaf SHARE shelter, open since 1996, has many ongoing and engaging needs for its 20 residents. Education? An After School English Language Learning Program at Olympic Hills Elementary works with much diversity and a program like no other in the whole Seattle School District.  Family Support? During the holiday season MC2 enrolls, advocates and enlists support for over 600 children every year. Add to all this is the reality that a great majority of all this work is performed by volunteers.  Amazing.

If you value shelter, food security, education for all and holiday family support then your support will click a lot of boxes.  If you are concerned about how change, growth and success are managed, then this work is of interest to you. Every ONE @ MC2 makes a difference.