Nathan Hale student and homelessness…

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In the Lake City District, Nathan Hale is THE high school.  Serving Olympic Hills, Cedar Park, Victory Heights, Meadowbrook and Matthews Beach, these neighborhoods can experience the hard challenges of city life to the extreme.

This past March a Nathan Hale student reached out to MC2.  He wanted to prepare a meal as a school project for the residents to support their temporary situation. Inspiring as that may sound, there is more to the story.  And it involves him, his brother and Mom.

There was a time when life’s circumstances were different and not very good. His mom had an unfortunate financial emergency and no where to go.  It happened fast and the end result was a young mother and her children ended up out on the street.

For someone who has never been homeless, it really is unimaginable. Add the children to an unexpected situation and it becomes…humbling and scary. This was the narrative shared with MC2. This meal was more than one night and gone (they want to return and share another meal). The family had Mary’s Place to keep them safe and got back on their feet.  Now working and in stable housing, the opportunity to be the one with a hand up and a word of encouragement rested on them and they were more than happy to do it and tell the story.  There are good stories out there and we are happy to share.

Proud mom happy to share the story and support son.
Student planned, purchased and advocated for the meal project