Skate Spot in Lake City

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The year 2009 does not sound like a long time ago. When you realize it is actually eight years on now and close to a decade ago, the date does seem a little ‘fuzzy’ when you think about it.  And 2009 is when Olympic Hills resident and parent Kevin Hilman began the process of a Lake City Skate ‘Spot’ application with the City of Seattle.

Constructed at the Virgil Flaim / Seattle Park and soon to open this August, the process was started with an existing funding source called the Seattle Parks Dept Opportunity Fund. It also required Kevin to ‘know’ the community, involve other like-minded groups and build consensus around a community just learning to build a stakeholders/advocacy base.

What is also a part of the story is the Hilman family commitment around support for all families in the Lake City community.  Supportive of the PTA at Olympic Hills Elementary School, they also were advocates for a fair and just student enrollment boundaries for the Lake City District. A challenging process, working with teachers and families that concluded with good results.

With the upcoming reopening of the Olympic Hills Elementary in its newly remodeled facility, the future is bright for the Olympic Hills community and Lake City, in general. The new Skate Spot has also got many excited about the new addition. Paths and a new basketball court are also part of the upgrade. A surprise addition to the ‘Spot’ is a ‘volcano’ on the site. Having a reliable construction partner, skilled in the building of such community assets created a little ‘wow’ in Lake City.

So, check it out, years from now, when the Skate Spot is just another great community asset, citizens will remember the commitment and determination it took for an asset realized elsewhere but not available here. Good example, a new community center in Lake City. Thanks Kevin,

View of ‘volcano’ at Lake City Skate Spot
MC2 rep and Kevin Hilman at the Lake City Skate Spot
Notice from Seattle Parks onsite