Variety of Colors in Lake City

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Expression through color is a great way to aspire towards a welcoming community. Young lives often embrace the opportunity to tell a story through public art. Seattle Parks employee Mark Mendez recently volunteered energized youth artists again into the colorful community that is Lake City.

Another one of their new mural projects was recently completed at the Lake City Value Village. This was a project that is similar to the effort at the North Helpline and the Elliot Bay Brew Pub. The results get better with each ‘painting party’.

Mark Mendez is also a MC2 Board member. For the first time, MC2’s Lake City Holiday Project will work with his Meadowbrook Teen Center this season to add holiday support for qualified families.

A variety of ages coming together to strengthen community is an important piece to the puzzle. Different sizes, shapes and colors
on walls reflect acceptance and openness on the variety that is Lake City.