Meadowbrook History Note

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“The Meadowbrook Golf Course (founded 1932) was located on the present site of Meadowbrook Community Center and Nathan Hale High School, between NE 105th to 110th Streets and 30th to 35th Avenues NE.   The land had originally been developed as a farm by a German immigrant, August Fischer, in the 1890s.   Swampy, with a branch of Thornton Creek running through it, the land had been put up for sale in the 1920s but was deemed unsuitable for housing development. Meadowbrook Golf Course was built by the Time Oil Company as an investment, leasing the land from the eight Fischer children of August Fischer.   Dave Craig was the designer and builder of the nine-hole course.   In 1932 Meadowbrook’s golf pro, Harold Neimeier, hired nineteen-year-old John Hoetmer Jr. as an assistant at $10 for a 60-hour week.   Some of Johnny’s duties were to build and repair wood-shafted golf clubs, sell greens-fee tickets, and give lessons.   In 1933, Niemeier left and Johnny Hoetmer, at age twenty, became general manager at Meadowbrook.”

Credit: Wedgwood in Seattle History

Parks site in 1932. Prior to its founding, German immigration settled the area with an important Dairy business that supported the early development. More significant development for the area was realized just after World War II.