Teen Center Remembers…

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Most Lake City District citizens know where to go for a good indoor swim. The Seattle Parks System has a great place in the District. Meadowbrook Pool is a part of the Meadowbrook Community Center and its big campus. Know about the yearly Polar Bear Run? Birthed at Meadowbrook. How about a tougher option? Teens want to get out and hang out, right? Not too long ago for some of us to remember. Meadowbrook also has a support system for that. The Meadowbrook Teen Center. Its located at the Nathan Hale High School, just near ‘Annie’s’ Playground, by the loud and visible Thornton Creek.

It’s also timely to note the new teen programming starting up at the Lake City Community Center. Now run by Seattle Parks, another memorable development that keeps everyone with their ‘advocate’ hat close by. So, lots of positive offerings in the community.

Recently, in a visit to the Meadowbrook Teen Center, one notices a room in design transition.  With the energy, effort and appropriate  acknowledgement, the youth acted and remembered. A large mural (pictured) captures a favorite expression and representation of Seattle Parks Teen Coordinator, Glenn Hubbard.

For close to 40 years Glenn served the City of Seattle.  Engaged with youth one-on-one, his intentional outreach and support will not be forgotten by the citizens of Seattle.  His passing in late 2016, gave the youth 2017 to put together a permanent reminder of what youth engagement can mean to the people of the Lake City District. Good job MBTC and Parks staff for their commitment and engagement.


“I like your spirit” Glenn Hubbard
Sound and sight of water at MBTC
Sharing the light and life of a friend
The ‘Hubb’. A good place to remember…
Plaque celebrates Glenn Hubbard work and life at MBTC