Magnuson CC Hires Spencer

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Seattle Parks and Recreation uses the ‘Coordinator Shuffle’ to address local staffing needs. Frequently there is no pattern to the employee transfer process and it does challenge the local community to stay involved.  Coordinators are the frontline or community ‘face’ when visiting a Community Center within the City of Seattle. Ryan Spencer, the ‘face’ of Meadowbrook is moving over to Magnuson beginning this February 2018.

Serving the Meadowbrook community since 2012, Ryan has been instrumental in much of the success and change that has been instituted by Seattle Parks in the last 5 years. Working with the onsite Advisory (Citizen) Council, many issues have been addressed during his tenure. Having an experienced and caring Coordinator has made for an engaging and supportive process and Meadowbrook is better place for the work he has committed to. We ‘thank’ him and appreciate his humor and service. Taking Ryan’s place is Angie Ramirez. Most recently she served as Coordinator at Delridge C.C.; we LOOK to support Ms. Ramirez in the coming months.  Having a committed and dedicated citizenry will help with this transition. Not lacking in Meadowbrook, the neighbors are invited to pop in and ‘welcome’ Ms. Ramirez. Welcome Angie!

Ryan Spencer (R) starts at Magnuson C.C. this February 2018