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It was April 2018 when Denise Juneau (lawyer, educator, administrator, Tribal member) was confirmed for the new job as Superintendent of Public Instruction in Seattle. It was a unanimous vote; if you’ve met her, know her and read about her, she is the real deal. Fast forward to this October and she just completed a listening tour in Lake City with a full house of 120 Lake City District parents.

‘Centering the Voices of Ethnic Communities in North Seattle’ was how the flyers went out to Olympic Hills Elementary. Having dinner and daycare was great to see.  With the Superintendent sharing her journey at the start of the session; it felt reassuring to hear her own struggles, successes and goals.

Bullying, racism and lack of programming were some of the difficult topics shared.  Transportation and high school alternative programming were also part of the conversation.  With a budget for Seattle Schools that is challenging and lacking in a surplus, it was good to know that a Superintendent, in her life experiences, has dealt with many of the same challenges. Hopeful and a sense of partnership is how one might come away from this most important listening session. Welcome Montanan Ms. Juneau and new Seattle resident.

a ‘town hall’ style listening tour…
translators also on site
posted around the community and in schools
Healthy meals and child care…
Superintendent Denise Juneau visits Lake City District