Give BIG 2020, CARE to match?

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NOW you can be a part of the yearly effort to strengthen the Seattle community. A donation to MC2 ensures continued programming for shelter support, building food security, holiday family support and after school language tutoring at local Lake City … Continued

Micro greens, Macro CARE

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BIG thanks to the local farm-school program from Waldorf HS at Magnuson Park. The indoor growing program story was shared here last summer ( The future is here and food security could not be a bigger issue than today. Their … Continued

Coffee CARE

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This past Wednesday became Maple Leaf Lutheran Church’s first foray into 24/7 shelter for existing residents at the SHARE Shelter. Over the years, residents have been invited in to the church full time on holidays through out the calendar year. … Continued

Cabinet WAS bare

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MC2 worked with church members in 2019 to create a space next to Hygiene Center that helped Maple Leaf SHARE residents get ready for day. The room is designated for ironing clothes or as a quiet place in the evening … Continued