Meadowbrook ‘WILD’

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Much of the Lake City District is famous for the big strip. Fast food, car sales, retail and small owner businesses. But woven through the 5 smaller communities of Lake City (Victory Heights, Cedar Park, Olympic Hills, Meadowbrook and Matthews … Continued

Super Superintendent…

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It was April 2018 when Denise Juneau (lawyer, educator, administrator, Tribal member) was confirmed for the new job as Superintendent of Public Instruction in Seattle. It was a unanimous vote; if you’ve met her, know her and read about her, … Continued

Show and Tell….

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The art presentation, ‘Homelessness: Disgrace of a Wealthy Nation’ was held this past week and the turnout was a good one.  The issue of homelessness is everywhere in our daily lives and this effort staged at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church … Continued

TCA meets in Meadowbrook…

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The Thornton Creek Alliance, an effective and committed community group here in Seattle, hosts their General Meeting this coming October 24th, 2018. The free event will present UW’s Dr. David Montgomery, PhD. and his presentation on ‘Growing a Revolution: Soil, Water and Society’. … Continued