Meadowbrook Mermaids

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The Meadowbrook Community Center and its affiliated Meadowbrook Pool have a great outreach history. With an active Advisory Board, many other Community Centers have benefited from Meadowbrook’s past budget surplus and relied on a like minded partner. The Pool has … Continued

Real Live presented

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Homelessness is a topic of conversation and a dilemma most see as a huge challenge. In the abstract, many avenues of choice might be a solution. Whether a drive through downtown or a visit to the park, the reality of … Continued

Church Harvest in Meadowbrook

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Walla Walla Sweets harvested and delivered to the food bank in Lake City. Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook built garden with funding from Solid Ground and E.L.C.A. HungerGrant ( A total of 154 lbs were delivered with this harvest. … Continued

Pastor Julie shares shelter meal…

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Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in NE Seattle’s Meadowbrook neighborhood has hosted a 20 resident coed shelter since 1996. With expanded resources (showers, TV, storage, quiet room and shelter kitchen) the ‘welcoming’ spirit is evident as one walks the Community Hall. SHARE staff recently added case management (2017) with the goal of identifying needs not always realized … Continued