Disgrace of a wealthy nation…

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Save the date! A timely and intimate portrayal of a collective struggle; the twenty five piece art series takes the medium to a life size experience. Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook welcomes all to join us on this journey of exploration through the work of artist Keith Artz. Since 1996 … Continued

Meadowbrook Mermaids

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The Meadowbrook Community Center and its affiliated Meadowbrook Pool have a great outreach history. With an active Advisory Board, many other Community Centers have benefited from Meadowbrook’s past budget surplus and relied on a like minded partner. The Pool has … Continued

Real Live presented

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Homelessness is a topic of conversation and a dilemma most see as a huge challenge. In the abstract, many avenues of choice might be a solution. Whether a drive through downtown or a visit to the park, the reality of … Continued

Church Harvest in Meadowbrook

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Walla Walla Sweets harvested and delivered to the food bank in Lake City. Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook built garden with funding from Solid Ground and E.L.C.A. HungerGrant (ELCA.org). A total of 154 lbs were delivered with this harvest. … Continued