Pastor Julie shares shelter meal…

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Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in NE Seattle’s Meadowbrook neighborhood has hosted a 20 resident coed shelter since 1996. With expanded resources (showers, TV, storage, quiet room and shelter kitchen) the ‘welcoming’ spirit is evident as one walks the Community Hall. SHARE staff recently added case management (2017) with the goal of identifying needs not always realized … Continued

Freezing Fun in 2019?

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In January 2003, 200 brave  swimmers thought a ritualistic ‘plunge’ into the cold and frigid Lake Washington waters would be a great idea. Located at the Seattle Parks / Matthews Beach, the event back then was introduced by Meadowbrook Pool … Continued

11 years ago…

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After a contentious arrival of Tent City 3 to the Meadowbrook neighborhood in 2007, a group of community neighbors volunteered to cook a meal for the arriving TC 3 guests. The volunteers also signed up to provide a meal for the 20 indoor shelter residents at … Continued