Groot Knows…TCA meets!

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Metaphor, Sch-metaphor…the popular movie, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ features a superhero ‘Tree’ character played by tough hombre, actor Vin Diesel. His lovable loyalty to the pack of good guys and gals sustains their effort to fight for good. ‘Groot’ as … Continued

Meadowbrook History Note

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The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department (City of Seattle) commissioned a booklet in 1995 that shares the historical details of the community known as  Meadowbrook. “History is the backbone of a community. …generations who have worked and lived and played … Continued

Meadowbrook Teen Center Art

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The recently memorialized Meadowbrook Teen Center is now reflecting, through art, concepts like community connection and teamwork. Facilitated by artist Andrew Miller, the inspiring ‘colors’ embraced and put down by artist and youth captures the commitment by Teen Coordinator Ms. … Continued

‘Urban’ Beavers (?)

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Thornton Creek Alliance welcomes all to their January gathering in Meadowbrook. The creek itself runs along Nathan Hale HS in Meadowbrook and has dealt with the largest living rodents in the USA for some time. How do our governmental institutions … Continued

Styrofoam Drive, Sadly Thrived…

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With ‘kudos’ to Nextdoor and Seattle Lighting, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook Green Team held a holiday styrofoam drive. Dedicating the lobby for drop off probably would not be a first choice in the future. Office Dog Dewey couldn’t … Continued

ALL Warm Drive – THANKS!

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Aegis Living @ Ravenna sponsored a warm clothing drive this past Holiday Season for the coed shelter at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook. Pictured is Sue Donovan of Aegis-Ravenna with MC2 contact. In the Fall of 2018 she walked the shelter accommodations and asked if a warm clothing drive for the residents would … Continued

Plunge 2019 INVITE

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Each new years day celebration, Seattle citizens itching to get out of the house and breath the air of 2019 visit Matthews Beach/ NE Seattle. Big ‘thanks’ to Meadowbrook Community Center’s Pool staff who work to corral the frosty wannabes … Continued