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Seattle City Council Minus 7

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With looming budget cuts to the City of Seattle’s SHARE shelter system, Urban Rest Stops (dedicated hygiene, laundry and mail srvs), Catholic Community Srvs and Women’s Health programming, a Council meeting was held to intake what the cuts would mean. … Continued

Hearts and minds…

The Lake City After School Program at Olympic Hills Elementary operates on Monday and Tuesdays during the school year. Teachers identify students English Language needs and connect with parents around the one-on-one tutor experience at the school. There are other opportunities (basketball, … Continued

Magnuson CC Hires Spencer

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Seattle Parks and Recreation uses the ‘Coordinator Shuffle’ to address local staffing needs. Frequently there is no pattern to the employee transfer process and it does challenge the local community to stay involved.  Coordinators are the frontline or community ‘face’ when visiting a Community Center within the City of … Continued

Teen Center Remembers…

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Most Lake City District citizens know where to go for a good indoor swim. The Seattle Parks System has a great place in the District. Meadowbrook Pool is a part of the Meadowbrook Community Center and its big campus. Know … Continued

Girl Power

Each tutor session at Olympic Hills has a break time built in. Good or bad weather, students love to spread their wings. Four square, kick ball, jump rope or playground; lots of choices. But litter pickup? Having explained MLK day … Continued

Tiny Trees Preschool to Meadowbrook

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Founder and CEO Andrew Jay of Tiny Trees Outdoor Preschool Program notified MC2 that they will begin offering Preschool programming at Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards site (MCGO)in September 2018. The playfield borders NE 105th and the Seattle Parks Community … Continued

NEW Operations @ LCCC

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The Lake City Community Center welcomed newly appointed staff beginning this past January 2, 2018. Long anticipated City staffing of Seattle Parks property in Lake City has been a goal of many local activists.  The Coordinator for Seattle Parks at Lake City is … Continued

Meadowbrook History Note

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Parks site in 1932. Prior to its founding, German immigration settled the area with an important Dairy business that supported the early development. More significant development for the area was realized just after World War II. Credit: Wedgwood in Seattle … Continued

Polka Sundays at Kaffeeklatch Bakery/ Cafe

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The Lake City business district is a  busy place. Businesses work hard to give good service, offer a good product and have a positive outreach into the community. With the constant change that is Seattle, one fun experience recently offered is at the Kaffeeklatch on Sundays. The … Continued

MC2’s 10 year mark AND CAKE

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Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) has evolved since 2007. Having coalesced around a church effort to serve the community in partnership with the stakeholders, our first full year (2008) was forgettable. With an economic downturn reeking havoc, we worked, over time, … Continued

New OHE, New Principal

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As the halfway point in the school year approaches, MC2 would like to share a look at the new leadership at Olympic Hills Elementary (OHE). Just to catch up, the Lake City District school site was scheduled for demo two years ago. With … Continued

Sunny NO BOO Treat

This October celebration day at Olympic Hills Elementary was topped off with the local ‘Little Kitchen’ bakery’s  confectionery. Located on Lake City Way, it serves the two Cafe Javastis’ in the Wedgwood and Maple Leaf neighborhood. The student-break during the weekly tutor … Continued

Variety of Colors in Lake City

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Expression through color is a great way to aspire towards a welcoming community. Young lives often embrace the opportunity to tell a story through public art. Seattle Parks employee Mark Mendez recently volunteered energized youth artists again into the colorful … Continued

Not bored….

MC2 Board member Lee Lacroix stepped up and spelled some community garden relief time for Community Garden steward, Sue M this past September.  The visit highlighted some serious harvest time’ by volunteers and since it was a Labor Day weekend, a light crew. Managing volunteers and scheduling is … Continued

Peekaboo O.H.E.

The language support after school program we’ve shepherded over the last four years now enters an exciting and hopeful stage. The Lake City community and Olympic Hills specifically, continue to advocate for quality resources and equitable access. We took a little tour to … Continued

Fig about it…

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If you in live in NE Seattle and love figs then you know Bill ‘the Fig Guy’.  He actually visited MCGO’s Fig Orchard in Meadowbrook back in 2015. At the time the MCGO Fig Orchard was just getting its ‘roots’ … Continued

Skate Spot in Lake City

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The year 2009 does not sound like a long time ago. When you realize it is actually eight years on now and close to a decade ago, the date does seem a little ‘fuzzy’ when you think about it.  And 2009 is … Continued

Board and Outreach Grow

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Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) has a 10 year history under its proverbial ‘belt’ and the work gets more exciting each season.  Whether we are tutoring youth at school, accessing holiday support for families, growing in the gardens, working to shelter our neighbors or welcoming students to … Continued

Camp Fire Meal Project for Shelter

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The issues and challenges of homelessness are numerous.  The residents of the Maple Leaf Shelter have sought shelter here since 1996.  Often the issues of compartmentalization create daily tension and incompatibility. Shelters may not have showers (we do), so residents … Continued

Urban Farm in Meadowbrook

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The Nathan Hale Urban Farm is busy, busy, busy.  Plant sales are a big part of their support and they are held throughout the year. Headed up by the Nathan Hale High School Horticulture program and supported by the nonprofit … Continued

Howdy Meadowbrook!

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Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) recently held their quarterly Board meeting. With the give BIG campaign right around the corner, it was decided to educate and engage our Meadowbrook community and let them know the many good efforts being made to … Continued

Spring Break!

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All sorts of images come to mind when one hears ‘Spring Break!’. Recalling my youth or remembering my daughters time away, so many years ago, it usually comes with a word of caution or fears of some sort of excess. … Continued

Vandals @MCGO…

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With Moscow getting so much news of late, its necessary to know that, not only is there another ‘Washington’ (state) but also another ‘Moscow’. The one in Idaho came to visit, serve and make a positive impact here in Seattle this past March. … Continued

This Works!

Back in 2007, Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) developed a vision for after school care in Northeast Seattle. Along with commitment comes partners, curriculum and goals.  When MC2 looked at our opportunities back in 2013 we were determined to get the … Continued

Trail Upgrade at MCGO

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Seattle Parks and Recreation and Goodwill Industries ‘Green Corp’ program will be at the Meadowbrook Orchard improving existing trails in 2017. Chukundi Salisbury, the Trails Guy at Seattle Parks will be overseeing the upgrades. First built in 1994, the Meadowbrook … Continued

Looking Back 1991

In 1986, Yolanda Martinez worked for the City of Seattle in the Neighborhood Services office (pictured here) of Lake City (called at that time, ‘Little City Hall’). Many citizens she engaged day to day could not access holiday resources in … Continued

February Skills Fair in Meadowbrook

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Sustainable NE Seattle (http://sustainableneseattle. held their annual February Hands On Skill Fair and the event traversed the whole Meadowbrook complex.The Saturday event also highlighted the Nathan Hale Urban Farm, located across from Nathan Hale High School and behind the … Continued

Hellbent for Holiday CARE

The fourth year of holiday support from Emerald City Law Group ( ), Hellbent Brewery (www.hellbentbrewingcompany. com) and Lake City Legends was the most successful yet.  The Lake City Holiday Project (1986) has a long history of supporting families in … Continued

Olympic Hills Elementary and LCHP

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Two programs (LCASP and LCHP) briefly merged this 2016 when MC2 worked with Olympic Hills Elementary to support families in need during the holiday season.  The Lake City Holiday Project reached out to the schools Principal (Stacy Crum, pictured) to … Continued

Sunny days remembered

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Winter time is spent celebrating holidays, rainy days, falling leaves and hot drinks. It also includes some daydreaming time, looking forward to longer and warmer days to come.  Here is a sunny day picture of the hardworking team at the … Continued

Teacher Wayne remembered….

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Early in MC2 history (2005) we operated several ESL (English as a Second Language) classes during the weekdays. Each class was a two day a week commitment for instructors.  As a community exercise, it was invigorating to connect with new … Continued


Halloween celebrations at Olympic Hills are an interesting dynamic.  With the diversity that is, and the mixing of many cultures, there is one message that is not lost on the students.  So, when you want to engage a student after … Continued

MC2 is there!!!

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The most recent web posting on the Puget Sound Business Journal took a look at all the high performing elementary schools in the Puget Sound region.  What was different with this peek was averaging teacher experience (# of years), student … Continued

Lake City Teen Mural POPS!

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Bringing a voice to the community can be a challenge.  Lake City embraces many cultures and has many opportunities to listen.  Food Bank, Library, Chamber’s Community Center and of course, Kaffeeklatsche Bakery and Coffee Shop come to mind. A unique and beautiful … Continued

Church in Meadowbrook

In the Fall Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook plans a 100 sack lunch effort as part of their ‘Gods Work, Our Hands’ campaign. Support from Thrivent Financial provides the fixin’s and the church provides the ‘hands’.  This concerted effort benefits … Continued

One more school year….

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As the City of Seattle skyline changes and the rest of the U.S. LOOK here to see opportunity building, one can take a peek at all the north end schools getting a much needed face lift.  Lake City’s Olympic Hills Elementary is one … Continued


The English Language Learners (ELL) classes at MC2’s Lake City After School Program has a recess component built into each day.  As one might guess, there are a wide range of experiential moments that happen on any given day.  Getting ice … Continued

Camas ‘Sea of Blue’ SEE!

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‘Camas is a lily-like plant whose bulb can be fire-baked to make a sweet and nutritious staple. In some places in the Northwest, camas was so common that non-Indian travelers would mistake the plant’s blue flowers for distant lakes.’  ( … Continued

Meadow Brew Welcome!

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A warm caffeine ‘welcome’ to owner of the local coffee shop, Meadow Brew Café. Located on NE 110th and 35th NE, the friendly establishment is sited next Nathan Hale H.S. Meghan, who was a worker with the original ‘Cafe Lahti’, … Continued

Give BIG

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A little or A LOT! Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) is registered with the Seattle Foundation for the give BIG day. TUESDAY May 3 is the day to give a little or give BIG and impact our community. Housing the homeless, supporting … Continued

School Boundaries in Lake City

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The Seattle School District held a parent/community meeting at the temporary Olympic Hills Elementary School site this past February. The Cedar Park School site will host O.H.E for one more year as boundaries for future enrollment at the two schools … Continued

Hands On Skills Fair at Meadowbrook

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Sustainable NE Seattle, a local nonprofit recently held their 6th annual ‘Hands-On Skills Fair’ at the Meadowbrook Community Center. The annual February event included a delicious lunch that filled the Center with lots of good smells. The event draws from … Continued

Bake Sale Delivers

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Meadowbrook Community Center is a busy place on the winter weekends. With youth basketball in full swing, it gives the MCGO community garden group a chance to meet the community, share the story and raise a few bucks, while their … Continued

UCT ‘invites’ GO out

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Urban Cross Trek, an MC2 summertime outreach campaign that supports engagement with rural communities has sent out their annual ‘invites’ for 2016. Most communities hail from areas along the north I-90 corridor. The UCT experience involves week long opportunities to see … Continued

Garden Share

Maple Leaf Lutheran Church donates kitchen/sleeping space for 20 shelter coed residents every night of the year. Welcoming community volunteers to support the shelter with aSunday meal is a monthly effort and very much appreciated. Because they care! The vegetarian … Continued

Rhino CARE

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In Lake City resides the community-focused and deliciously hard working Kaffeeklatsch Bakery. Owner Annette knows fresh bake goods and a strong community is a good business model. The German bakery is a city center, of sorts. People appreciate the commitment … Continued

Supporting Seattle Parks Youth

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Meadowbrook and Northgate Community Centers are places of healthy, safe and fun support. Employees strive for and are dedicated to creating a healthy and sustaining environment for all its citizens. MC2 is fortunate to be in partnership with the committed … Continued

Plan for Success

The Lake City After School Project focus’ on English Language Learning (ELL) programming at Olympic Hills Elementary School. Temporarily sited at the recently refurbished Cedar Park School, the campaign to reach those  most in need of support has been well … Continued

Partnerships Pooch

Where’s Dewey? MC2’s resident dog has witnessed a kennel full of holiday care. Once orders are completed, all Lake City Holiday Project gifts are staged at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook. After putting together the family gift bags, the … Continued

Polar Bears and Playgrounds

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This coming January 1,  the annual Polar Bear Plunge takes place at Matthews Beach. This city-wide event has its humble origins in Meadowbrook with its first plunge of 300 people in 2003 organized by the staff at Meadowbrook. As community … Continued

Lions Flipping

The Lake City Lions Service Organization offered their annual Holiday Pancake Breakfast benefit this past Saturday, Dec 5th. The delicious event benefits Olympic Hills Elementary School PTA, MC2’s ELL partner. The Lake City Lions have a long history of support … Continued

Lookin’ good!

Welcome to the University  District’s Ugly Mug Cafe. They will host the Lake City Holiday  Project for the first time this season. This cozy little space and cool architecture  is well appointed  and very friendly. Look for the giving tree … Continued

3M-See, Listen and Share

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October 21,City of Seattle’s Mayor Murray visits Meadowbrook. Touting Seattle’s upcoming transportation levy ‘Move Seattle’ and the economic proposal in it to increase sidewalk production, Mayor Murray showed off the asphalt brick stamp sidewalk on NE 105th bordering Meadowbrook Orchard. … Continued

3 Days of Total Kindness

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Care for and about challenged nonprofit websites usually result in a typical user clicking off to another site, choosing other technology or critiquing use of older technology. All valid responses, but imagine this; once a year, ‘atypical’ care for a … Continued

Olympic Hills Year End Fun

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As Olympic Hills Elementary School closes out the school year, our ELL After School Program celebrated the conclusion of our tutor based effort as a great success.  Games, snacks and fun were the order of the day.  Tutors also got … Continued

Teacher, Mr. Wayne

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As Summer approaches, MC2’s ESL classes are winding down.  With warmer weather approaching, getting outside was an opportunity to gather class and instructor together.  Teacher, Mr. Wayne (Fulkerson) welcomes English language practitioners’ to gather for conversational ‘talk time’ at the Meadowbrook Church … Continued

Connection Community

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This past May, community of NE Seattle held their shelter meal for the residents at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church. On the same Sunday, I spent the afternoon harvesting lettuce at the Meadowbrook Community Garden to be donated to the Lake … Continued

Seattle Foundation Give BIG 2015

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BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER  Your contributions matter. The Seattle Foundation makes it easy for you to give effectively by providing you with knowledge of community issues, evaluations of nonprofits and proven giving strategies ( On Tuesday, May 5th, … Continued

Cinco De Mayo

On Monday May 4th and Tuesday May 5th from 8am to 10pm Seattle law firm, Emerald City Law Group (ECLG) will match proceeds received on the Cinco De Mayo Celebration Fundraiser at TNT Taquiera Restaurant in Wallingford.  Supporting Meadowbrook Community CARE’s … Continued

Trifold Fun

English Language Learners @ Olympic Hills participated in an all school trifold project display. A pot luck also accompanied the presentation.  A lot of hard work and fun went into the day with great results.

Students Share Meal

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Students from Willamette University visiting the Meadowbrook neighborhood donated a  pizza meal to the residents of Maple Leaf Shelter this past Wednesday evening. Papa Murphy’s Take Home Pizza in Lake City offered discounted rates to the visiting student group. The … Continued

Urban Cross Trek Update

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The 2015 Concordia College/Moorhead Social Justice visit by students to Seattle yielded great results and good times. Meeting community, understanding and experiencing urban challenges and giving back, all add to the exchange of perspectives from folks with different backgrounds. The … Continued

Urban Cross Trek Welcome

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The Social Justice visit from Concordia Moorhead, Minnesota students began this past Saturday. They enjoyed Pagliacci pizza out in the beautiful day once they settled in. Our guests leave behind very cold temperatures and look forward to taking in all … Continued

Cafe of CARE

Lucy (pictured here), the manager at Cafe Javasti in Wedgwood (, welcomes the Lake City Holiday Project enthusiastically, every year.  She and co-owner, Scott Morrell, make room for the rave green holiday tags that wait for the kind people who … Continued

Welcome Brian Puhl

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The newly assigned Crew Leader assists AmeriCorps Reps. in their outreach to the community.  Brian has been essential in his support with the Probation Services Division of the Municipal Court of Seattle. He is an awesome addition to the community … Continued

June 2014 BBQ

Smoked Field Roast brand meat substitute, tofu and assorted veggies, salad and bread were on the menu for the evening.  A delicious dessert followed.  Eating outdoors in June can be a ‘coin toss’ experience.  On this day the weather cooperated … Continued

East Orchard

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A Community Courts visit this week made a big impact on the East Orchard.  Weeding and mulching by the group turned the site weed free.  The site is home to the Japanese Yellow Plum and Italian Plum.  Two new Japanese … Continued

Beautiful Day

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Great weather this April 14th; Americorp reps Emily and Joey had a Community Courts crew visit the Meadowbrook Orchard.  As they weeded the North Orchard and the Edible Hedge along NE 105th with great results, one can now see the … Continued

5th Annual Empty Bowls

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5th Annual Empty Bowls benefiting North HelplineSunday May 4, 2014 Noon-3 pmThe commons at Nathan Hale High School, 10750 30th Ave NE Select a handcrafted bowl created by local students and artisans. Enjoy live music while savoring a meal of … Continued


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Beautiful weather conditions welcomed MC2’s guests from the Willamette University (Salem, Oregon) on Saturday, March 22nd.  Their ‘Take A Break’ program kicks off in Seattle, with a service day at the Meadowbrook Orchard. We appreciate their visit and commitment.

Community Courts~Our partner

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Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) works with the City of Seattle, Attorney’s office to use a nontraditional method working on the traditional challenges facing the local justice system. As noted on their site: “The Bureau of Justice Assistance (Department of Justice), … Continued

March 2014

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Good weather gives Community Courts the opportunity to be outside.  Many scheduling opportunities rely on a dry day.  When the weather does not cooperate, the need to reschedule happens, It is good to have the Community Courts visit the Meadowbrook … Continued

Urban Cross Trek Visit 2014

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Planning has begun for February 2014 visit of the Justice Journey from students at Concordia University/Moorhead in Minnesota.  Every two years they visit Seattle, learn about the efforts here to address issues of sustainability, climate change and best practices. Students … Continued