Words in a document that are all capitalized, use of the exclamation point in a text or attempting to express complete ‘joy’ in a document is a bit of a literary challenge. Imagine the random moment when the ELL after school program students at Olympic … Continued

One-on-One Works!

With the same twelve students on the two day a week after school program, filling the need for one-on-one engagement can be a volunteer management challenge. Securing 24+/- tutors would seem to be a daunting task. A rewarding effort is an easy sell. This year … Continued

Hearts and minds…

The Lake City After School Program at Olympic Hills Elementary operates on Monday and Tuesdays during the school year. Teachers identify students English Language needs and connect with parents around the one-on-one tutor experience at the school. There are other opportunities (basketball, … Continued

Girl Power

Each tutor session at Olympic Hills has a break time built in. Good or bad weather, students love to spread their wings. Four square, kick ball, jump rope or playground; lots of choices. But litter pickup? Having explained MLK day … Continued

Sunny NO BOO Treat

This October celebration day at Olympic Hills Elementary was topped off with the local ‘Little Kitchen’ bakery’s  confectionery. Located on Lake City Way, it serves the two Cafe Javastis’ in the Wedgwood and Maple Leaf neighborhood. The student-break during the weekly tutor … Continued