Peekaboo O.H.E.

The language support after school program we’ve shepherded over the last four years now enters an exciting and hopeful stage. The Lake City community and Olympic Hills specifically, continue to advocate for quality resources and equitable access. We took a little tour to … Continued

This Works!

Back in 2007, Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) developed a vision for after school care in Northeast Seattle. Along with commitment comes partners, curriculum and goals.  When MC2 looked at our opportunities back in 2013 we were determined to get the … Continued


Halloween celebrations at Olympic Hills are an interesting dynamic.  With the diversity that is, and the mixing of many cultures, there is one message that is not lost on the students.  So, when you want to engage a student after … Continued


The English Language Learners (ELL) classes at MC2’s Lake City After School Program has a recess component built into each day.  As one might guess, there are a wide range of experiential moments that happen on any given day.  Getting ice … Continued