Breakfast at Dinner Time…

The Willamette University ‘Take a Break’ program recent visit to Seattle focused their Spring Break program on issues of homelessness in our NW region. Students shared that they too see the challenges in their school town of Salem, Oregon. Having the opportunity to immerse themselves in … Continued

Church in Meadowbrook

In the Fall Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook plans a 100 sack lunch effort as part of their ‘Gods Work, Our Hands’ campaign. Support from Thrivent Financial provides the fixin’s and the church provides the ‘hands’.  This concerted effort benefits … Continued

Garden Share

Maple Leaf Lutheran Church donates kitchen/sleeping space for 20 shelter coed residents every night of the year. Welcoming community volunteers to support the shelter with aSunday meal is a monthly effort and very much appreciated. Because they care! The vegetarian … Continued

June 2014 BBQ

Smoked Field Roast brand meat substitute, tofu and assorted veggies, salad and bread were on the menu for the evening.  A delicious dessert followed.  Eating outdoors in June can be a ‘coin toss’ experience.  On this day the weather cooperated … Continued