Maple Leaf Lutheran Church in Meadowbrook!

As the ‘brick and mortar’ site for Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2), a good deal of planning and support comes from the members of this faith community, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church (¬† Several years ago, members committed to partnering with the local Earth Ministry, a faith based advocacy nonprofit focused on environmental stewardship.

This past January, the church received notice ending the plastic bottle cap recycling program. Having recycled over a 1000 lbs of plastic bottle caps, success and awareness was achieved. Aveda Cosmetics encouraged collection and reuse of plastic bottle caps in their new product lines. Earth Ministry is where and how these community members chose to be a part of the solution. Local businesses and neighbors where also a part of the effort, as well.

Future efforts are now revolved around the idea of ‘CAP ON’ campaign. Once you’ve consumed that bottled water (medicine, laundry, soda) rinse and firmly put cap back on the bottle and then recycle. Bottles are then ground down and plastic types are separated.

Members also recycle batteries in partnership with Seattle Park’s Meadowbrook Community Center!


MC2 Board member Terry Vogel delivers the last load of recycled bottle caps to Aveda Cosmetics  at the University Village.