UCT ‘invites’ GO out

20160203_121933Urban Cross Trek, an MC2 summertime outreach campaign that supports engagement with rural communities has sent out their annual ‘invites’ for 2016. Most communities hail from areas along the north¬†I-90 corridor.

The UCT experience involves week long opportunities to see sustainable projects in action, participate in them, visit larger efforts and enjoy a bit of city life along the way. Groups work with MC2 to schedule a balance of service and fun.

Historically, the Meadowbrook Community Community Garden and Orchard and the North Helpline Food Bank in Lake City benefit from the yearly campaign. Sporting events and tourist sites are some of the choice opportunities for participants.

With close proximity to downtown and commuter services, the location is ideal for groups visiting from rural communities. Having light rail transportation from SeaTac airport also supports an itinerary that’s on the go and budget friendly.

Urban Cross Trek: an invitation to support learning,  educate visitors on sustainable and caring communities and engage citizens on the concept and practice of working together.