Camas ‘Sea of Blue’ SEE!

camas plantings in the fig orchard

‘Camas is a lily-like plant whose bulb can be fire-baked to make a sweet and nutritious staple. In some places in the Northwest, camas was so common that non-Indian travelers would mistake the plant’s blue flowers for distant lakes.’  (

As a new planting at MCGO, it was of great interest to me as MCGO Orchard Steward, John S. explained the importance and place this plant had in the Northwest Native culture. Additionally, where it is now planted is an under-utilized location (very wet and not navigable), which creates a place to showcase a little known plant and its historical use. As it is a bulb, its spreading habit will take sometime but the planting area is ideal and the exposure (to sun and hikers) works. MCGO works on sight with Seattle Parks lead gardener; guidance and support is encouraged and appreciated.

Read more on the link; very interesting.  GO MCGO and thanks to all the volunteers!