Halloween celebrations at Olympic Hills are an interesting dynamic.  With the diversity that is, and the mixing of many cultures, there is one message that is not lost on the students.  So, when you want to engage a student after school, please note two things.

Sugar and BOO!  Some tutors this year (as in past) dressed up and engaged the students with the ‘tricks’ of the characters they adapted.  The interaction was fun to watch.  Students try to figure out, 1) who is my tutor pretending to be and 2) should I be prepared to ‘laugh’ or be ‘scared’.

As the day wore on it was quite evident that candy was being passed around at recess.  Additionally, as noted in picutre here, students brought  some fun dress up material to celebrate the day. The sugar made it a challenging day for tutors but FUN!

Students give a scare AND celebrate the '12's"
Students give a scare AND celebrate the ’12’s”