Expanding blue camas @MCGO

This past June, the Meadowbrook LOOK blog featured a short story (Camas ‘Sea of Blue’ SEE!) on the planting of blue camas in a small area of the MCGO.  A native bulb, it was once a diet staple of early Americans, prior to European arrivals. The idea of seeing a blue feature from afar, that was, at first, thought to be a body of water, is intriguing. When reintroducing it here, the Meadowbrook Orchard, the thought was, ‘what a great conversation plant to welcome the neighbor, guest, visitor or even newly arrived citizen.’ The recent expansion of the area mentioned last June, was on a very wet, Fall day.  A checkerboard pattern was agreed upon by the group. Just being able to stay standing was a chore, as wet conditions are set at the bottom of a hill.  It is for this very reason this planting occurred.  Seattle Parks cannot easily maintain this portion, so mulching and alternative planting have been a part of the conversation with Seattle Parks Head Gardener.

Once the bulbs were securely planted, MCGO gardeners placed a makeshift bamboo fence in front. Not to disturb the little tubers is the primary intent.  Weeks later, a more sturdy option was installed.  With plenty of room to spread, the story be told, this historic plant was a yummy treat and pretty to cast an eye!

Go see at MCGO.

A checkerboard pattern was chosen, with hope for the future spreading of the blue camas
A temporary bamboo section was installed so happy feet/paws might go elsewhere
MCGO celebrates the planting of blue camas in the Meadowbrook Orchard