Another splash of Lake City color….

A couple of years ago there was a successful community effort to build temporary benches in the covered alley of the Lake City Food Bank.  Clients would line up and wait their turn; not fun by any measure. With the project a success, clients now sit along the wall and patiently wait their turn.

Fast forward to today; a message of color and support now line the same alley and give those waiting a message of support. Last year, Seattle Parks / Meadowbrook Teen Center youth put together their talents and time to produce a mural of color near Lake City’s Elliot Bay Brewing. Another neglected location sharing the message of ‘unity’ and ‘community’.

Although these solutions are not big in stature, it does show a commitment to working together and accepting the differences so prevalent in the Lake City community. Celebrating diversity takes many twists and turns. Often it is the youth that can see the message and opportunity to bring everyone together.  Thank you Meadowbrook Teen Center youth…

Artists visualize message
LOOK back at Meadowbrook Teen mural near Elliot Bay Brewing Co.
Meadowbrook Teen reps put final touch on Lake City Food Bank Alley Mural
First step in second Lake City mural by Meadowbrook Teens
Unity in the NE 206