Liberty Mutual in the Meadowbrook Community

Faith groups, students, local citizens and nonprofits are often supportive and engaged when it comes to urban gardening and food security.  Even as nonprofits will  engage the corporate world, rarely, if ever, has MCGO been given the opportunity to engage a Fortune 100 company.

Fast forward and now MCGO has benefited from kindness and engagement of Liberty Mutual’s Service Day, ‘Serve with Liberty’.  This was the second straight year we welcomed employees at MCGO. Having the commitment and engaging employees helps spread the word on the importance of urban agriculture.

On this particular day we had three sites at MCGO where employees left their mark.  The East Orchard, the West Orchard and the Edible Hedge.  With the recent heavy rains, the sunny day just amplified the need for keeping weeds at bay. As a reminder, the Fischer Homestead which raised milking cows on the existing MCGO site so many years ago, also had a more recent (1960’s) history.  A nine hole golf course operated by an oil company, of all things. Time Oil purchase the MCGO site and eventually, the name, ‘Meadowbrook’ is where the area’s name originates. So, in honor of that history, a brief and fun Frisbee Golf session was offered to celebrate the site. It was easier than getting a milking cow to the site.  Thank you Liberty Mutual!

East Orchard volunteers battle invasive blackberry and ‘horsetail’
West Orchard volunteers weeded area supporting sunflowers and honeyberry
Clearing out the Edible Hedge, Thank you!
Mulched work behind volunteers, trees love it…
Great team work, spreading mulch, spreading love for community
Frisbee golf, celebrating the history of MCGO