Olympic Hills Elementary/MC2 commitment

Well, the ELL after school support classes end soon and we made it!  For two years we’ve ‘hodge-podged’ laptops, tables, carts, and materials back and forth from storage.  Olympic Hills Elementary will open a new school next Fall. It will be MC2’s fifth year in support of the great kids and teachers. Originally begun in 2013 at the Lake City Community Center, we have strived to be engaged and support the good work of the teachers and staff at the school. With a new building will come new challenges but we are excited to have been a part of this ‘School of Distinction’.

With a professional ELL coordinator as our leader and a committed community of volunteers, the future looks bright.  Presently staged at the old Cedar Park school, there will be some staffing and student changes, along with a new Principal.  We appreciate everyone’s help over the years and look forward to being a part of such a great group of citizens, professionals and community.  If you have a Monday OR a Tuesday to give 2 hours of your day, reach out, we need you.