Edible Hedge Eats Sidewalk

Most ‘Friends of MCGO’ live near the Meadowbrook Parks Complex. These volunteers usually gather on Sundays. Pests, weeds and ‘hot spots’ get attention as the challenge arises.  Last season a challenge was met to increase plant pollinators in the Edible Hedge, along NE 105th.

This project involved plant placement along the sidewalk of NE 105th.  Although successful and productive, the reality of more work to give these important plantings a good long life was very evident.  Flopping onto the sidewalk, weeds ‘hiding’ in the plantings and the life of ‘competition’ gave the group some ‘aleve’ moments. Staging pulled weeds onto the sidewalk on the warm weather day allowed more room in the compost bins. A nice trick when there is so much to move out of the Orchard.

Plant pollinators also are viewed along the  front side of MCGO’s Fig Orchard.  Additionally, cedar posts have been put in strategic places for Spring staging of Mason Bee Boxes. On this day a contingent of MCGO put a dent in the support for pollinators, their important presence and the never ending battle to create a healthy ‘fruiting’ environment.

The Edible Hedge, which displays a variety of fruit like goji and goumi berries, was planted way before the sidewalks were installed in 2003. Both a blessing for all pedestrians and a challenge as the stored heat along the ‘Hedge’ invites plants along with the southern exposure, drawing plant life out and pedestrians in. Check it out, the site is part of the ‘Seattle Walks’ offering, authored by David B. Williams.

Friends of MCGO enhance and nurture this convenient and yummy site.
common weeds found at home also reside here
weed piles ‘cook’ on sidewalk before disposal