Yellow Plum Harvest and Sunshine

A lot of volunteers put in hours in the East Orchard at Meadowbrook. Anticipating a juicy harvest is an attraction but over the years, more are interested in where the harvest goes.  To the Lake City Food Bank is the destination. Local produce donated to this great community resource is usually about the kindness of big box grocery stores. Very welcome, to say the least but it was probably picked pretty early.  The MCGO harvest lands at the food bank a day or two from its collection.

Fresh is one experience and no pesticides is another outcome.  Once a local urban garden donates (p-patches, community gardens, YOUR yard!), its in the hands of those in need.  More nutrients and flavor! YUM.

So, if you believe Spring 2018 is the year for you to ‘grow and give’, visit a neighbor, visit a public garden or visit online, where you can locate, visit and plan to be big help with a small solution. Thank you MCGO…

Volunteer Guy shows where the harvest goes
A ‘granddaughter’ visit helps with harvest
Orchard steward John gets in the trees
Yellow plum harvest gets weighed at Lake City Food Bank
Harvest off to Food Bank
Additional East Orchard harvest off to the Lake City Food Bank