Fig about it…

If you in live in NE Seattle and love figs then you know Bill ‘the Fig Guy’.  He actually visited MCGO’s Fig Orchard in Meadowbrook back in 2015. At the time the MCGO Fig Orchard was just getting its ‘roots’ established and there was no better person to touch base with.

In August, Orchard steward at MCGO, John Samaras looked to Bill for feedback and CARE on pruning figs.  Indeed, the site visit was wonderful. Figs weaving in and around ‘the Fig Guy’s yard. A good amount of sun made it all happen and a good conversation around best practices. It was also learned the best time to prune (Fall).  A resilient fruit producer, figs have a good amount of fans from transplanted Middle Eastern communities in Seattle. So, if you are a friend of Bill or want to learn more about figs, what they look like, where best to plant or are just curious to see them, take a visit to Meadowbrook. Lastly, Bill supplies a lot of his harvest to Lake City’s own ‘Goodies‘ on Lake City Way. A great community business. Thank you Bill,

Orchard Steward John and Bill ‘the Fig Guy’ meet to share tidbits on this delicious fruit