Peekaboo O.H.E.

The language support after school program we’ve shepherded over the last four years now enters an exciting and hopeful stage. The Lake City community and Olympic Hills specifically, continue to advocate for quality resources and equitable access. We took a little tour to see a part of the quality and equity coming into light of day. Our program had its humble beginnings in the Lake City Community Center. Welcomed by the operator of the Seattle Parks site, North Seattle Chamber of Commerce, we now see that building resource change operating hands, as a new site host is on the horizon. We staged and operated out of a closet!

Welcomed and invited by the University YMCA, we connected at the old school site and worked out of the school library. Our computer cart was staged and connected at the computer lab and rolled out twice a week to the library. On to Cedar Park. The Cedar Park Elementary School for many past years was mothballed. Used as an artists rental community, neighbors for many years saw no children at the site. A nice playground did the heavy lifting for children, until the 2015-2016 school year.

A newly remodeled C.P.E. served Olympic Hills and Lake City well for two years. Now, a new Olympic Hills Elementary rises from the construction debris and welcomes, with a new BIGGER building, a new library, high ceilings and an exited staff and teachers.

Take a look, MC2 is happy for the Lake City community and continue to advocate for a district long neglected and in need of services other communities already have.

Bright and very upbeat look…
Many colors and morning sunshine
Where in the world?
New E.L.L. classroom getting ready….
Very nice upgrade for the Olympic Hills community…
Playground with lots of color and space