Day of Caring at MCGO

United Way held their annual region wide service day this past September. This was the ninth year that MCGO welcomed an interested group. Great weather made it a delightful time to be out and much was accomplished getting ready for the Fall season.

This year Local 17 of the Professional and Technical Employees Union staff stepped up to challenge. Visiting from their offices downtown they were very engaged and committed to the tasks at hand.This year part of the team also spent time in the community garden, as well.

The East Orchard, Edible Hedge and Apple Orchard received most of the attention on this day. Getting cardboard and mulch down, along with weed removal were the major task of the day. Part of group also cleared out the potato patch. Good soil, like good people, made the effort work well. MCGO uses this time to prepare for Spring 2018. We thank these folks for good work and a fun time.

Mulching the Apple Orchard
Potato patch cleared,
Teamwork part of the day
Group gathers after learning the history of MCGO
Edible Hedge work included a taste of berries.
Amazing tomatoes on view too
East Orchard is ready for winter