Dedicated Weekly MCGO Harvest

Dedicated Community Garden Steward at MCGO, Sue M delivers weekly to the Lake City Food Bank.  What happens prior to delivery involves volunteers who ‘seed’, plant, water, weed and harvest. A portion of each harvest is prepped for delivery, with volunteers also receiving a ‘taste’ for their labor. MCGO also harvests at the many different times in the Orchard.  Often it is volunteers who give time at the Community Garden.  Planned and organized large outside group events also make up the service that needs to happen every growing season.

MC2 supports MCGO in planning and accessing necessary funds to keep the seven acre site alive and producing.  Advocating and planning large group events are also part of MC2’s commitment to sharing the sustainable story that is MCGO.

MC2 advocates for all the volunteers at MCGO; with the many challenges that face a community garden, the Food Bank can rely on committed garden growers.

Sue M and her trusty truck bring Fall harvest to Food Bank