MC2’s 10 year mark AND CAKE

Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2) has evolved since 2007. Having coalesced around a church effort to serve the community in partnership with the stakeholders, our first full year (2008) was forgettable. With an economic downturn reeking havoc, we worked, over time, to form programming that supported (shelter meals and community courts), educated (ELL after school programming and sustainable urban gardening) and engaged our community (holiday project and 32nd street greenway support).

Fast forward, 10 years on, and we are firmly planted in the network and with the citizens of Northeast Seattle. Helping to support local food gardens for the Lake City Food Bank, engaging community support for the holiday and reaching out to homeless population that resided at this church in Meadowbrook; the impact is real and the experiences, ‘rich’.

There resides a great deal of work ahead. Safe streets can happen, inclusive engagement and purposeful support for families in need also requires regular CARE. Working together with intentional partnerships gives the community a place to start. We are ready and able to be engaged. Our goal to support,  educate and engage continues to the second decade.

Thank you Northeast Seattle.

Gardens, Shelter, Educating and CARE
Engaged, brick by brick, here at the Hunter Tree Farm in Wedgwood
a yummy time with a logo cake to celebrate!
‘Hey, Einstein’, its Easy to CARE, Easy to Educate yourself on good community