Olympic Hills and Africa

Over the past several years, Olympic Hills Elementary has traditionally shared a world map display with visitors as they arrive to the school.  To see the many places students family have originated from gives one a real sense of the distance and change that many here experienced.  Certainly it’s also an attraction that speaks to the visitor. With teachers, staff and students having so much variety of place as their origins, the ‘snap shot’ in years past, allowed little room to show the ‘biggest’ location impacting the school community.

With the huge continent of Africa on display in the new and larger school, the board breaks down the number of students who come from the many places on the Africa map. The display also tells of the variety of spoken language the students speak and the quantity of students who hail from each location. The school also shares with visitors at OHE, the journey teachers have traveled to get there and their variety of customs.

The journey students and their families have taken is one so many Americans have traveled themselves. Whether one has come to the USA long ago or if its more recent, the language piece is an important part of the journey. The display here references 8 different African languages that OHE students draw from.

The board also shares the history and origins of these very old languages. MC2 is a part of this journey; we share the strength and knowledge of our own tutors who made this journey so long ago. The attraction and challenge is what speaks to the MC2 tutors for the last 5 years. Its the glue that unites our engagement and keeps us hopeful in the pursuit of support for our new neighbors and their budding success.

Official language of Ethiopia
Officially English, with three major ‘families’ of African language
Sixth most spoken language in the World
Main language of Eritrea
Big Board ‘Welcome!’ at OHE
Arabic one of top six languages of the world
Big Continent of Africa
The third largest language in Africa
Official language of Somalia
Spoken primarily in South Sudan