Garden & Orchard SUPPORT

Its not in the month of March and its really not ‘madness’ but the yearly idea of connecting with community at MBCC Winter Basketball games is a fun one.

Families come and go, so the sale of yummy and healthy food at the Community Center really is also a good one.  This season also is a slam dunk for a new partner.

Cafe Javasti ( in Wedgwood donated some rather ornate treats. With the appropriately festive cookies comes the connection to gardens but not necessarily the  ‘healthy’ piece of the outreach. ‘Thanks’ to the owners and their incredible staff!

The soups, breads and specialty teas were tended by MCGO advocates/gardeners, Carol S (left) and Lee L. We ‘know’ Lee too, as a focused MC2 Board member, Tool Library volunteer and MCGO gardener. The CARE for community was on display too as small steps like this, helps maintain, sustain and SUPPORT the goal of ‘food security’ for the NE Seattle community. Thanks Carol and Thanks Lee!

MCGO Care builders host bake sale at MBCC
‘THANKS!’ to Cafe Javasti Wedgwood for donating the deliciously
beautiful sugar cookies
Soup, pies, warm bread and many flavored teas’