Gardeners Yoga for MCGO…

Heidi Mair, a local Wedgwood Yoga instructor (third from left, in picture) offers a yoga for gardeners hour long format  called Veda Yoga.  A basic introductory  movement  and breathing class which engages motion to support complimentary gardener work habits. This past week was the first of three sessions benefiting this hardworking group. Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards (MCGO) group has been invited by MC2 in the next couple of months to partake in Ms. Mair’s class. It is intended to support their year to year growing which is directed to community in need (since 2011). Gathering at the Community Hall of Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, Ms. Mair teaches movement and breathing exercises that supports and reinvigorates this dedicated group of gardeners.

Each year hundreds of pounds of produce and fruit is harvested and donated to the Food Bank in Lake City by MCGO. Along with the Nathan Hale Urban Farm, a good amount of hard work and best intentions support the local food economy here in the Lake City District.

More food security programs throughout the City of Seattle and even homeowner gardening will and can make a difference. P-patches and Farmers Markets (June 7!) are other examples of how we all  can participate in the idea of food security. Sustaining local food production builds community; we appreciate MCGO and the healthy support they help grow. Om righty then….