Art and traffic CHANGE!

Beauty and a beast?  Art and controversy?  The ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ of vehicle movement? Color and structure. Straight lines and circles. The mural projects popping up all over the Lake City District is color movement if you slow down and smell the coffee (thanks! Kaffeeklatsche…).  The most recent mural project comes a block away from a much needed traffic change, to boot. The mural at the bus stop is at Lake City Way and NE 98th.  Just across from the Les Schwab Tire Center, the artwork displays some appropriate Spring color.  Good job, Lake City youth. The artist known as Andrew Miller, has given design and color insight, which all aspiring artists and artists to-be need.

The program organizer and advocate, Seattle Parks / Lake City employee Mark Mendez also serves as a community rep at Meadowbrook Community CARE. Proud of the dedication from the youth of NE Seattle, with this and many other happenings in the Lake City District. A long time needed change also is now present at NE 98th and Ravenna, just a block from the mural. As the pictures show, its designed to give visibility and separation from east and west bound NE 98th car flow. So be safe everyone, absorb the change and spend some quality ‘stop light’ time and enjoy the gift of youth, art and color. Thank you for the project and time shared…

Pride in service extends to our youth; drive by and smile for awhile
There are four other mural sites throughout the Lake City District
Mark M (center) Seattle Parks / Lake City Youth rep AND MC2 Board rep supports and plans mural projects throughout Lake City
Spring time mural and spring time color, GREAT effort all…
Looking at NE 98th with Lake City traffic from right
Approaching Ravenna Ave from NE 98th. Lake City Way one block other side of Ravenna
Andrew Miller (white shirt) is the artist who supports this Lake City District effort
This Metro stop is across from the Les Schwab Tire Co