3 days with Liberty Mutual

The Meadowbrook Community Gardens and Orchards (MCGO) site is made up of local community and Seattle Parks who together, act as primary stakeholders. Each Community Center also finds direction from their Advisory Council, consisting of community and Seattle Parks staff. This seven acre site also relies on outside volunteer groups to help support ongoing care.

Enter service days like the one Liberty Mutual offers every year. Much mundane and significant work comes from these important engagements. This May, 3 days with Liberty Mutual employees made significant headway in to the important work that is MCGO.

Work in the Edible Hedge all 3 days enabled this particular site to get a run at ‘buttercup’ and dandelion infestation. There also is a new trail entry (mid-hedge) here. It is  also now home to blue mason bee box prominently displayed, working and facing southeast. The group also committed to focusing on the North Orchard trail head and East Orchard weed removal.

With good weather and a good vibe, we appreciate this great group of people. Besides sporting a neatly designed t-shirt for the day, all came prepared to help us all make a difference in the community. A great day of service from Liberty Mutual employees.  A great ‘Serve with Liberty’ event; we appreciate it very much.

Employees come from all parts of the company (ex., marketing, tech support, sales)
First day work was confined to the Edible Hedge
Some enjoyed group work, some worked solo
Of course, canine encouragement went a long way
Under the bee box, its first full season
On the second day more care for the Edible Hedge continued
As an added bonus, traffic circle in front of Orchard got a much needed haircut
These volunteers were returning from last year; thanks Guys!
Sadly, even after the third day of volunteers, the Edible Hedge still calls out for care
Great weather every day and some volunteers found a shady spot to work
Mulch piles donated by Seattle Parks are sited at both East and West ends of the Orchard
At the end of the third day, volunteers helped out in the smaller West Orchard (honeyberries!)
On the last day, all was good. Good results and waiting for the next volunteer group…
Each employee brought skills and energy to the effort
The head of the trail at the North Orchard is now getting some attention; very wet during the winter