Kids ‘thank’ Ms. Sue…

It’s June 2018 and another year-end debrief meeting between MC2 and Olympic Hills Elementary staff and Principal (Elizabeth DeBell) was held. Covering issues like next year enrollment, calendar challenges and resource management were typical and necessary topics for Fall 2018.  This year though, the reality of new onsite leadership for the Lake City After School Program was also on the docket.

With a change in leadership, closure around the successful origins of the program also brought to the fore a new director. Ms. Kaela, as she’s known, will be the lead for the coming school year. She has followed the program as a tutor since the second year of the programs start. With Ms. Sue at her side, she has a good grip on the program and the expectations we all have.

As introductions and programming were discussed, a delightful and welcome interruption occurred. A number of students who joined the program this year, visited us with roses for Ms. Sue. What a surprise! With cameras in hand, it was captured to share with all. The students provided a nice ending to a meeting that highlighted transition,engagement and appreciation. Thank you O.H.E.!

What a year.